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Welcome to 1Shiksha: Connecting Education with Students

These days, more and more parents are looking for effective and affordable online tutoring for their children. This has become progressively common in the last few years.

As a parent, if you are wondering, how you can get your child started with an online tutor that’s well suited to their needs; we are here.

1Shiksha is an India-based online tutoring service provider aiming to offer outstanding guidance and online tutoring to students, round-the-clock through the use of an internet-based advanced online tutoring system. We have invested years in finding an innovative study program that is creative, easy to understand, effective and affordable. Great opportunity for educators who are looking for remote work and students looking for one-on-one sessions from the comfort of home.

Revolutionizing Education: Our Aspiration

We aim to design sessions and focused solely on the individual learner and tailored to their needs and interests. While in-person tutoring can be pricey, we do our best to keep it surprisingly affordable. We allow our tutors to set their own prices, hence pricing will depend on the individual tutor you’d like to hire.

1Shiksha makes it easy for students and their parents to find a tutor for whatever subject and level is needed. We intend to become the most advanced website for online tutoring, career assessment, career guidance and career counselling in India.

Our endeavour is to offer our students and tutors a super friendly, professional and supportive team. We are truly passionate and keen to help students to achieve their career goals.

Enjoy test and exam preparation, career advancement, and many more with our comprehensive services.

Get one-to-one online tuition with us from the comfort of your home! Let’s connect!

Cultivating Excellence:

Join us to ignite the spark for building a better career and a better world.

● We empower students to learn all about the professional world
● Pave student’s way to their career
● We help you to discover your true potential and interest

Discover Your Perfect Career with Our Expert Career Counsellors

To stay ahead in today’s competitive world and understand your career goals, it’s important to get career counselling from professionals. Our expert career counsellors help you to make smart decisions. We help students to identify their best-fit career with personalized guidance by our experts.

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