Refund Policy

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for choosing 1Shiksha and we welcome you to the 1Shiksha family!

At 1Shiksha (hereinafter “1Shiksha”/ “we”/ “our”/ “us”), we value the trust of our customers (“Customer(s)”/ “you”/ “your” / “Subscriber(s)”) and wish to inform you that you have purchased one of the 1Shiksha product/services as set out in all form (hereinafter referred as “Limited Offer Product(s)”), under a special limited period offer wherein the refund terms mentioned hereunder will apply to your purchase[1] of the relevant Limited Offer Product(s).

Your access to or the usage of the Limited Offer Product(s) shall be governed by the relevant Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of the relevant Limited Offer Product(s) available on the relevant mobile application/website. If you wish to cancel your subscription and/or return the Limited Offer Product(s), you shall be required to submit your cancellation request by writing to

1. For any Limited Offer Product(s) purchased by you, you shall not be eligible for any refunds, whatsoever in the following events:

a) If the request for cancellations/return is submitted after 14 days after the Delivery date/Activation Date/Orientation date (refer to annexure).
b) If your access/subscription to the Limited Offer Product(s) is canceled on account of discovery of credible proof regarding any breach of Limited Offer Product(s)’s Terms of Use. The decision of 1Shiksha shall be final and binding in this regard

2. If due to a force majeure event (such as acts of God, government restrictions or other events beyond our control), we have to discontinue the Limited Offer Product(s) that you have already availed; then we are under no obligation to refund the fee for such portion service already availed by you. We are also not liable to provide any additional service in lieu of the service so discontinued

3. Any other refund policy, mentioned anywhere on our website or any other place, does not hold true for the Limited Offer Product(s). Refunds for all other product(s)/service(s) offered by 1Shiksha (which are not specified in Annexures) shall be governed through their respective refund policies/terms of use.

4. Mode of Refund: All applicable refunds shall be processed through online transfer in Indian Rupees only, to the source account from where the payment was originally made; a) within a reasonable period of 28 days from the date a written confirmation from our end is provided to you approving the cancellation). In no event, will the applicable refund amount be greater than the amount paid for your purchase. In the event you had availed credit/financing facility while purchasing the Limited Offer Product(s) from us, your refunds shall be processed accordingly with your lender/financing partner.

5. If your payment instrument/account through which original payment was made, is not active or does not support refunds, you shall be required to provide other bank account details belonging to you for processing the relevant refund. We shall not be responsible and/ or accountable for crediting refund money to the wrong account due to incorrect details furnished by you. You shall be required to furnish a declaration for transfer of refund to another bank account in the format and manner as may be required by us.

6. In case you have not received the refund within the above mentioned 14 days period, then write to us at

7. On account of cancellation of the service(s) procured by you under the Limited Offer Product(s), the services to be provided by us from the date of cancellation, up to exhaustion or expiry of such service(s), shall be considered as services not performed. Accordingly, for return/ cancellation of product(s)/ service(s), we will issue a GST credit note to you, which otherwise may not be issued if the withdrawal and issuance are beyond the timelines allowed under applicable law. In case the cancellation request submission date is after the prescribed timeline, we may issue a commercial credit note, on your request. You may be required to furnish a declaration for the same, in the format and manner as may be required by us.

8. We reserve the right to modify/ replace this Policy at any time, as deemed fit by us, without any prior notice to you.

9. You confirm and acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms set out in this document and accept the same.

10. Every Students get scholarship fees refund after 1year (within 730 Days). GST & Bank Charges Not refundable.

11. We will refund the money based on the form fill up by the students. If there is any mistake the authority is not responsible.

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